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Why You Should Take a Marrakech Cooking Class

Foodies from all over the world flock to Marrakech to get a taste of its glorious food and for good reason. After all, finding Moroccan restaurants abroad that are as authentic as the ones in Marrakech is challenging. And that’s why genuine food lovers may feel a tad disheartened when their vacation in the Red City comes to an end. 

Fortunately, they need not despair. Simply attending a cooking class in Marrakech will expose visitors to renowned chefs who teach the fundamentals of Moroccan cuisines. By taking one of these classes, foodies can take some meal inspirations from the Red City back home. 

There’s a Marrakech Cooking Class for Everyone

One of the advantages of Marrakech cooking classes is that there’s an abundance of them. They’re all over the city and each class focuses on a particular aspect of Moroccan cuisine and follows its own format. A quick Google search will reveal dozens of options and very quickly, you’ll see a variety of different styles in which these cooking classes are structured. 

With that said, foodies aren’t the only ones who’d attend a Marrakech cooking class. Visitors from all backgrounds who are interested in improving their culinary skills will find a class for them, which is important to remember so that they pick the right one.  

For example, if you don’t consider yourself to be a skilled cook, then attending a heavy-duty class aimed at those with advanced culinary skills will intimidate you. Contrarily, if your cooking skills are solid and you attend a beginner’s class, then you’ll probably feel like it was a waste of time and money. 

Cooking classes in Marrakech are diverse and suit various skill levels. This is another reason why you shouldn’t feel discouraged if you want to join a cooking class but don’t know which one to choose. 

Traditional Marrakech Cooking Behind-the-Scenes

Apart from trying to learn the new cuisine, a big reason for attending a Marrakech cooking class is to become more versed in the Moroccan culture as a whole. Like many cultures, Moroccan cuisine is strongly tied in with the culture of the local people. To eat in Morocco is not just about tasting the country’s food, but also, to understand what food signifies to the locals. 

By learning how Moroccan locals prepare their meals, you will learn various lessons in etiquette and customs. When you leave Marrakech, not only will you leave with new recipes under your belt, but also, a deeper appreciation for Moroccan life. 

A Cooking Class in Marrakech is an Immersive Experience

If you were to read a few descriptions of Marrakech cooking classes, you would see that they offer a lot more than just cooking instructions. Many of these classes offer a full-out experience. 

For example, some classes require attendees to physically venture out to the markets to purchase raw ingredients. Others provide an experience in the form of stunning rooftop views, which serves as a visual treat to the cooking atmosphere. Yet still, other cooking classes in Marrakech feature live entertainment in the form of musical performances.

Of course, the ultimate experience with a Marrakech cooking class is the opportunity to taste the food itself. Just about all of these classes will have a food tasting portion attached to its curriculum. It only makes sense that participants are given the chance to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

How to Pick the Right Cooking Class in Marrakech

To get the most for your time, effort and money, it’s important to choose the right cooking class from the start. Admittedly, this can be tricky since there are so many cooking classes in Marrakech to choose from. However, you can pick the right class with a few pointers:

  • Read the descriptions – Make sure to know what the class entails by reading its description. This includes its duration, course format, price and eligibility. You’ll avoid surprises and narrow down the best classes for you. 
  • Pick a focus – Do you want the hands-on experience of making a tajine dish or pastilla pastry? Or do you want to know how to pick the best ingredients to make Moroccan meals? Whatever you want to learn most, make sure to look for a class that offers that particular experience. This will be obvious by reading the description and doing some initial research. 
  • Read customers reviews – If you want an honest look at how a cooking class might turn out, make sure to read the reviews. Past attendees are usually very candid about their experience, and will often provide some anecdotes as to how the class went. Of course, take each review with a grain of salt. 

A Cooking Class in Marrakech – It’s Yours to Taste 

If you’re a foodie, or just want to master your favourite Moroccan dish, try a cooking class in Marrakech. You will get to work along with renowned chefs who are well-versed in Moroccan cuisine, acquiring the techniques that’ll help you cook those savoury and exquisite meals. And not only will you come out with new recipes under your belt, but you’ll also get an even deeper taste of Moroccan culture. 

For more help looking for the right cooking class in Marrakech, get in touch with us. We’ll help you find the class that suits your comfort level and desired experience!