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Tripe, Tride & Tangia: 3 Lesser-known Morrocan Meals

Some of Morocco’s tastiest dishes start with the letter “T”. And no, we’re not talking about tagine. We’re here to spotlight three menu options that foodies may overlook when visiting a Marrakech restaurant – Tripe, Tride and Tangia.

Sound familiar? Some of you may have heard of these local delicacies and you may even have tried them. However, for many, these three dishes may not be the first that spring to mind when thinking about Moroccan cuisine. Let us help you get better acquainted with these delicious, local Moroccan dishes.  


Tripe is the edible stomach lining from an animal. Most tripe that is enjoyed throughout the world comes from cattle and sheep, although it can come from other animals such as venison. 

At a Marrakech restaurant, tripe normally comes in the form of beef tripe, although lamb and goat tripe are common too. A well-known Moroccan dish with tripe in it is called Tkalia – a meal garnished with Moroccan spices and seasoned in a sauce served with veggies and served on couscous. 

Here at Le Trou Au Mur, we serve tripe that’s slow-cooked with white beans and a spiced tomato sauce. Other variations of Moroccan tripe dishes include stewed tripe or tripe soup. 


Also known as Rfissa, Tride is a tasty meal consisting of chicken, lentils and onions served with broth on a bed of shredded trid pastry (or bread). 

Tride is derived from a centuries-old Arab dish known as tharid, which is a dish of stew and broth served over bread. The people of Morocco, as well as those in surrounding North Africa and the Middle East, typically serve this dish to women after childbirth. 

Le Trou Au Mur serves Tride in the form of shredded fine pancakes with lentils, chicken and a saffron and herb sauce. With that said, it’s not uncommon for people in Morocco to eat Tride with other spices such as Ras el-Hanout. 


Admittedly, tangia is fairly well-known in Morocco, but it’s not as widely known to individuals outside of the country. The name “tangia” bears resemblance to “tajine”, but they are not the same. 

Tangia is a meat dish that typically consists of lamb or mutton, seasoned with garlic, saffron, turmeric and white pepper. It is common for Moroccans to enjoy this tangia with bread and a piping hot glass of mint tea. 

Tangia is cooked in an earthenware urn (called a tangia) that’s covered in parchment and slipped under warm coals overnight. In the morning, the tangia is removed from the urn and then its tender meat is served for lunch. 

Underrated Moroccan Food that Speaks to the Soul 

Meals such as mechoui and tagine definitely hog the spotlight when it comes to Moroccan cuisine. However, tripe, tride and tangia deserve just as much attention. These three dishes are not only mouth-wateringly delicious but also versatile enough to be enjoyed in different ways. 

For foodies and travellers looking to feast at a Marrakech restaurant, don’t be afraid to venture into the lesser-known territory to enjoy truly scrumptious meals. Tripe, tride and tangia are must-try menu options for the unacquainted. 

Does the sound of tride, tripe and tangia at a Marrakech restaurant whet your appetite? Reserve a table with us and treat yourself to an evening of scrumptious Moroccan dining!