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3 Irresistible Seafood Dishes You Have to Try in Marrakech

It’s true that Marrakech, the Red City, is not on Morocco’s coast – it rests in the dry and arid inland of the country. Nevertheless, travellers can still find an abundance of scrumptious and tasty seafood options in the city. 

The talented chefs you’ll find in a Marrakech restaurant are well-versed (that’s putting it lightly) in the seafood recipes of their coastal counterparts.

They also go above and beyond by adding their own twist to these delicious meals. With that said, we won’t waste any more time – we’ll dish out the seafood that every visitor to Marrakech should try. 

Chermoula Sardines 

One of the staple seafood dishes you’ll find in a Marrakech restaurant is sardines. The people of Morocco love their sardines! The country happens to be the largest exporter of canned sardines in the world and is the leading supplier of sardines to Europe. 

Sardines also represent more than 62% of Morocco’s fish catch. With that said, there are various ways Moroccans prepare sardines including fried stuffed variations and sardine balls in spicy tomato sauce. 

Chermoula sardines is a popular choice you must try. Chermoula is a marinade that’s made up of garlic, cumin, coriander, oil, lemon juice, and salt. Other variations may contain pickled lemons, onion, ground chilli peppers, saffron, black pepper and other herbs. The marinade, when complete, resembles relish and chefs will garnish sardines with chermoula.

Many diners have described this dish as having a lightly spicy mêlée of flavours and textures. This is accurate and it is a meal you’ll want to try for yourself. Here at our Le Trou Au Mur restaurant in Marrakech, our chermoula sardines live up to these descriptions thanks to the chopped lightly spiced seasonal vegetables which we add onto the fish. 

Stuffed Calamari 

If you want a more exotic and “posh” meal choice, then look no further than calamari (or squid). Moroccan calamari is very popular at Marrakech restaurants, and travellers will be sure to find this dish in abundance. There are dozens of ways to prepare calamari and different regions will likely have their own variations, but some styles are common throughout the country. 

One popular version is stuffed calamari filled with fennel, tomato, garlic, fresh chili and lemon zest. This is the style of calamari we serve at our Le Trou Au Mur restaurant, and its zesty flavours have made it a very popular choice for seafood lovers. 

Seafood Pastilla 

Another popular option visitors can find here in Marrakech (and much of Morocco) is seafood pastilla. That’s right – pastilla is not only available as a pastry or meat pie – foodies can munch on this tasty seafood version as well. 

Again, seafood pastilla can appear in many forms. For example, a seafood pastilla can feature just about any type of meat source including calamari, shrimp or even swordfish. In addition to the fish, chefs may add certain herbs such as garlic, grated tomato, parsley, oil, salt and pepper to give the pastilla a poignant flavour and aroma. To top it off, chefs will often add vermicelli to the pastilla, giving it an added richness and flavour. 

Honourable Mentions

Seafood pastilla, chermoula sardines and stuffed calamari are fan favourites in Marrakech, but they’re not the only options seafood lovers have. There’s plenty of other dishes that come from the sea which will satisfy foodies, and we even some of them at our Le Trou Au Mur restaurant. 

Other Great Seafood that’s Part of Moroccan Cuisine

  • Various Atlantic fish – Although sardines is Morocco’s top catch, foodies can find a variety of dishes containing mackerel, prawns, anchovies and more. These seafood dishes often come with vermicelli, lemons, olives and other vegetables. 
  • Fish & chips – Fish and chips may not be the fanciest meal, but it’s tasty, universally-adored comfort food that both kids and adults will love. Additionally, the fish and chips you’ll find at a Marrakech restaurant will likely have its own unique flavourings and sides.

Get a Taste of Marrakech’s Seafood 

Don’t let the usual assortment of tagine, kefta, couscous and mechoui fool you – some of the best food in Marrakech restaurants come from the sea. There are many mouthwatering variations of these dishes that will leave all travellers feeling satisfied after eating them. If you are about to visit Marrakech, make sure to keep your options open and your stomach empty for the city’s seafood – you won’t be disappointed! 

Are you looking for an exquisite Marrakech restaurant that serves mouthwatering seafood? Get in touch with us here at Le Trou Au Mur for more details and bookings!