Why Every Foodie Needs to Visit Marrakech in their Lifetime

February 12, 2019

There are many attractions to see and activities to try in Marrakech. However, what is often overlooked is the fact that the city is a foodie’s paradise.

It is a city of scrumptious cuisines, poignant spices, and colourful dishes. If that describes what you would like to see and taste, then a trip to Marrakech is due.

Marrakech Offers a Wide Spectrum Of Tastes & Textures

The food of Marrakech ranges from sweet to spicy and everything in between. Some of its most popular dishes are soft and chewy, others are crunchy, and the rest combine these textures into one dish.

Let’s not forget colour. The food of Marrakech is one of the most colourful sights you will see in the city, whether its the assortment of fruits and spices in street markets, or the arrangement of meals on your plate at local restaurants. The reality is that you can find a flavour, texture and combination of colours that are brand new for you.

A Short List of Popular Marrakech Dishes & Treats

The Markets

Marrakech market.

One of the appeals of visiting Marrakech is to see its bazaars and marketplaces, many of which are smorgasbords of food ingredients and street foods. If you call yourself a foodie, you owe it to yourself to walk through a crowded Marrakech market where merchants are selling food. Such a visit will make for great Instagram photos, but more importantly, it will whet your appetite for an extravagant Marrakech dining odyssey.

The Restaurants

Marrakech dish.

Of course, Marrakech restaurants offer a spectacular dining experience that will be sure to appeal to the hearts (and taste buds) of visiting foodies. The best Marrakech restaurants offer a variety of culturally-steeped dishes enjoyed by the locals, along with some more internationally recognized menu options.

For example, our Le Trou Au Mur restaurant serves a mix of popular dishes such as mechoui, berkoukesh, various Moroccan salads, banoffee pies, and a host of hot or alcoholic beverages.

The Origins of Marrakech’s Diverse Food Culture

Marrakech is a tourist-friendly area that attracts millions of people annually. Long before that, the city was one of the key trading hubs and markets in North Africa. In fact, traders would bring spices and other goods along treacherous Saharan trade routes by camel.

The Arab people brought items such as mezze and fruit from the east, and the French contributed to Marrakech’s development as a food destination. Among these food items were honey and saffron-scented stews, along with olives, mint leaves, and figs.

For centuries the city served as the centre for where food of various types flowed in and out. This never changed and is part of the reason why foodies still enjoy visiting Marrakech for its meals and cuisines.

Marrakech is a Foodie’s Dream City

If you have spent the last few years viewing Marrakech solely as a getaway for history buffs, think again. It is culturally rich, but also, abundant with colourful, flavorful, and healthy dishes that will satisfy your appetite.

The food of Marrakech will leave a lasting impression on your mind, and many of your memories of the city will centre on the tasty meals you will have eaten. The food scene in Marrakech is unlike any other popular tourist destination outside of North Africa.


7 Mouthwatering Moroccan Dishes That You Don’t Want To Miss

October 10, 2018

If you’re a foodie, Morocco will seem like heaven on Earth. For world travelers and global jetsetters alike, Moroccan restaurants have a large offering of delicious cuisines.

You may be wondering what Moroccan cuisine actually looks like and more importantly, what it tastes like. If you’re new to the world of Moroccan dishes, we’ll give you the inside scoop on what to expect.


A Tagine is essentially a stew of spiced meat and vegetables cooked in an earthenware pot (called a Tagine). It usually comes with chicken, beef, fish or lamb – and is served with vegetables and legumes such as pumpkins, zucchinis, garbanzo beans, chickpeas and more. Tagine is often a mix of sweet and savoury due to flavouring from onions, raisins, cinnamon, and saffron.  

For added flavour and zest, chefs will season the tagine with garlic, cayenne pepper, saffron, tumeric and paprika. The dish is often served with bread to soak up the sauce that usually sits at the bottom of the pot.

Sardines with Chermoula

Moroccan sardines are fresh from the Atlantic coast and full of flavour. A chermoula dish features fresh sardines, either double filleted or “butterflied”, typically baked (although occasionally fried in oil) and served with chermoula sauce.

Chermoula sauce is tomato-based and full of fresh herbs from the Atlas mountains including parsley, cilantro, lemon juice, olive oil and spices such as garlic, cumin, paprika and ground pepper. Chermoula sardines are a delicate, light dish and perfect for an entree starter.


Couscous, already very popular throughout the world, happens to be one of the national dishes of Morocco. However, the couscous you’ve had in your hometown likely differs from what you’ll find in a Moroccan restaurant. It’s light and fluffy, and cooked over a number of hours. Couscous is also rolled and tossed.

Moroccan couscous comes in many variations. It can be served with chicken, beef, lamb or vegetables and is traditionally eaten by Moroccan families on Fridays.


If you are tired of the regular garden salad or caesar salad, then you need to introduce yourself to the delicious array of Moroccan salads. Zaalouk, which is one of the seven Moroccan salads served at Le Trou au Mur, is made with aubergines, tomatoes, garlic cloves, and is often seasoned with paprika, ground cumin and coriander. It is a flexible dish because you can eat it as a salad, a dip, or even as a spread on a sandwich. Zaalouk is a great option for vegetarians and vegans.

Kefta Tagine

If you’re more of a meat lover, then a Kefta Tagine will wet your appetite. Kefta is a favourite in Moroccan cuisine. It’s usually either made with minced beef or lamb and seasoned with parsley, coriander, paprika, salt and various peppers.

Kefta is usually cooked in a spiced tomato sauce and left to bubble away in a tagine pot.  It is customary to serve Kefta with Moroccan mint tea, and the dish often comes with a baked egg in the middle.

Lamb Tagine & Caramelized Quince With Walnuts

This dish deserves a special mention because of its unique pairings. It contains a hearty serving of lamb seasoned with spices such as tumeric and ginger, along with pieces of quince glazed with butter, honey and cinnamon. Walnuts are added to give a crunchy texture to contrast the tenderness of the lamb.

Fresh Fruit Pastilla

This list would be incomplete without dessert. Pastilla comes in different forms. Savoury forms often come served as a chicken dish or with seafood. At Le Trou au Mur, we feature a sweet pastilla that can be served as a pastry as well. It contains milk, powdered sugar, toasted almonds and egg yolks. The base is warka, a thin dough that’s common in Morocco. In many cases, Pastilla also contains orange flower water to give it an added floral flavour.

A Look at Le Trou Au Mur’s Offerings

With a description of just some of the dishes Morocco has to offer, the natural next step is to taste them, cooked by an authentic Moroccan chef. The good news is, at Le Trou Au Mur restaurant, we feature the dishes mentioned above and much more.

Unlike Italian, Japanese, Indian and other popular cuisines, Moroccan cuisine doesn’t always get the spotlight it deserves. It’s a shame because there is so much variety in terms of what you can find at a traditional Moroccan restaurant. In fact, the cuisine is one of the most highly regarded and recommended aspects of a trip to the country. So if you’re setting your sights on visiting Marrakech, make sure to save plenty of room for these Moroccan dishes.

Get a Taste Of Morocco Like Never Before

There is something on our menu for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans, foodies, lovers of exotic dishes, the big eaters and the more selective diners. At Le Trou Au Mur, you can enjoy your meal on our rooftop terrace or in our beautiful dining room with great Moroccan wine, cocktails and music.  

Book a reservation now for your chance at authentic Moroccan cuisine!


7 Mouthwatering Moroccan Dishes That You Don’t Want To Miss